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Today, January 21

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    I think they would have eagerly welcomed Joe (or Miles) to come on and speak for himself. I got the impression that they would have given an opportunity for anyone that had a relevant talking point to share their, if those individuals so wanted to. I can't say that for certain, obviously, but I have no reason to believe otherwise. As for why Joe did it... I don't think they approached this podcast trying to psychoanalyze Joe or diagnose him with anything... It seemed as though they were approaching this from a journalistic angle and were reporting events and stories as they understood them to have happened. I think it would have been inappropriate to attempt to speculate why Joe behaved this way. Perhaps I misunderstood your statement but that's how it read to me. You suggested that the victims come on and explain why this happened to them? What do you think they would say? I mean... It shouldn't have happened to them. How could they say why Joe did these things? I'll hang up now and take your answer off air... 

Yesterday, January 20

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