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Please join me at a free screening of Written Off, a documentary film about Matt Edwards' battle with addiction. Following the screening, we will have a panel and community discussion regarding addiction and mental health in our region.


"How does a young person go from starring in the school play to putting a needle in his arm?

"Written Off reveals the achingly personal journey of Matt Edwards as he battles addiction. A charismatic storyteller with a unique curiosity for life, Edwards longs to leave rural Wisconsin behind and see the world. But as a teen, a prescription for a powerful painkiller following a botched toe surgery exposes him to opioids for the first time. They make him feel like he has been "touched by God." What follows is a valiant decade-long struggle to survive against increasingly potent drugs.

"Matt keeps a meticulous record of his journey in grippingly honest journals -- how much he takes, how he finds it, what it costs, and his never-ending attempts to quit. They serve as warts and a memoir of his desperation for that next fix and what he'll do to get it.

"The Opioid Crisis is a national emergency. Every day there is another front page tragedy detailing another spectacular fall from grace. What's missing is a real understanding of the complicated human experience of addiction, Matt Edward's story is one of secrets, shame, and crushing stigma that make him feel like a society has written him off. The film Written Off changes the way addiction is understood. In his own words, Matt reveals that behind the addiction there is a person - all at once lovable and despicable, funny and pathetic, destructive and aware of his failings."

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March 18, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
UW-River Falls University Center