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When: Wednesday, Oct 3, 2018, 7:00PM - 9:00PM
The Center EC

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As a culture, we've gotten so caught up in checking boxes, doing what we think we're supposed to and comparing our lives to those around us and on social media that we've tied ourselves in knots. On the one hand, we feel stuck - stuck in lives that are good, but not fulfilling, stuck in jobs that don't feel meaningful, and stuck in patterns of behaviors that keep the cycle going rather than bring us change.

We fill up our schedules and keep ourselves busy so that we don't have to think about the way we really feel and the passionate lives we're missing out on. We take on more to feel significant, to feel worthy, and to maybe for once prove that we're enough.

Then we fill our houses with stuff that makes us feel successful. We buy the shoes, the clothes, the bags that say we've got it all together and we're beautiful. We buy things we don't need and don't even really want because the truth is... we don't know what we need or want.

Uncomplicate Your Life: 6 Months to Soulful Living is a group coaching program exclusively for women that helps them slow down, reassess, and find more joy in their lives. It's not about organizing or decluttering (although that's encouraged!). It's about discovering what we value, what we want out of life, and finding the confidence and courage to chase it.

Instead of it just being you and a coach working through this stuff together, it'll be you, a coach, and an intimate group of other women who are all in similar places in their life. So not only will you experience major breakthroughs and a complete shift in your life, you'll have the added benefits of connection, friendship, and support. You'll be able to learn from one another, as well as the coach, and build long-term friendships you may have otherwise missed out on.

Each monthly session will last two hours. There will be a group lesson, a topic for discussion, some activities, check-ins, and take home assignments to work on for the month. You'll have equal opportunity to listen and be heard.

-- Discovering Your Values
-- Identifying Your Best Life
-- Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Negativity
-- Ways to Simplify
-- How to Let Go of What Doesn't Serve You
-- Goal Setting (that actually works)
-- Ways to bring more spirituality*, soulfulness, and stillness into your life
-------And so much more!------
*This is not a religiously based class. All faiths (or lack of) will be respected. Rather this will just allow you to explore what works best for you.

This event is created for the FIRST class date only. You must PREREGISTER, attend the first and commit to attending all 6 dates if you're going to be in the class.

Monthly Class Dates:
November 7th
December 5th
January 2nd
February 6th
March 6th



*This group is for women only.*

The Center EC