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Join us to STAND UP FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS and demand a budget that works for Wisconsin's children.


Members of Joint Finance cut $900 million out of the education budget and the proposal on the table is not even close to adequate or fair for Wisconsin's public schools.

We are calling on all lawmakers to restore this essential and feasible funding to the budget before they send it to the Governor's desk. Specifically, we are calling for a restoration of the special education funds (to a 60% reimbursement level), mental health aids, poverty aid, and aid for English Language Learners that was cut from the budget.

​​Milwaukee school board member Megan O'Halloran has announced that she intends to march to Madison to draw attention to the inadequacy of state funding for so many districts around the state. We applaud her willingness to take a public stand and the immediate offer of many others to join her. It seems clear that there are many people around the state who have testified, sent letters, and feel ignored - they are looking for ways to be heard and do all they can in the final days before the budget is passed to call for fair funding and make sure the budget that gets to the Governor is one that meets our kids' needs.

While the entire walk is 60 miles, there are easy ways to join in for short or long stretches of the walk, and cheer along the way with local "whistle stops" - or to call for action where YOU live if you can't make it to the march!

We are calling for an all-state final meet-up spot for the home stretch so that we come together from all over the state to walk the last stretch in Madison, ending at the State Capitol on Tuesday June 25!


Jun 22 2019 - 9:00am to Jun 25 2019 - 3:00pm