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The Snow Queen is an adaptation from the story by Hans Christian Andersen which served as inspiration for Disney's Frozen. This fantasy tale tells the story of Gerda, a young girl who searches for her friend Kai after he is bewitched and kidnapped by the evil Snow Queen.

PERFORMANCES: December 6th through 8th and 13th through 15th.

Rolls Include:

Trolls (children age 7 to 13)
Old Troll (30+)
Gerda (approximately 12-13)
Kai (approximately 12-13)
Grandmother (30+)
Snow Queen (18+)
Children (7-13)
Enchantress (18-30)
Wild Crow (18-40)
Tame Crow (18-30)
Soldiers (12-50)
Prince (20-30)
Princess (20-30)
Ladies in Waiting (12-20) Two roles, twins or look-alikes.
Robbers (18-30)

Old Hag (30+)
Reindeer (15+)
Lapp Woman (18-80)
Finn Woman (18-80)
Ice Creatures (15+)
Guardian Angel (30+)
Penguin (approximately 2-4) This is a non-speaking role and the child will only need to be able to cross the stage.

Menomonie Theater Guild welcomes and encourages people of any race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, age, size, and ability to audition!

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Oct 8 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Menomonie Theater Guild