Chippewa Falls School District
When: Wednesday, Aug 22, 2018 - Thursday, Aug 23, 2018, (All day)

High School Registration Week

Monday, August 20 Seniors 9am-5pm

Tuesday, August 21 Juniors 9am-4pm and 5pm-7pm

Wednesday, August 22 New Students to the District 8am-5pm (Student Services, by appointment only)

Thursday, August 23 Sophomores 9am-4pm and 5pm-7pm

Friday, August 24 Freshman 9am-5pm

Students unable to register at their designated session may register during any other session.  Households with students in more than one grade level can register on the same day.  Registration packets will be mailed out to families during the last week of July.  Please note that you must complete the online registration in addition to attending registration week at the high school.  Any questions, please contact the high school office at 715-726-2406.