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“I want to eat, sing and make merry - that’s what I like!”

These words come from a 13th century French song, yet who today could possibly disagree with them? Throughout the ages music and dining have been natural partners, the combination of the two satisfying many of the senses at the same time. An exquisite menu and delicious wines, in combination with perfectly selected music, have the magic to create an immense feeling of well-being. The menu for Food, Wine, and Song was chosen to give a glimpse of how our distant ancestors might have enjoyed these delights and a very clear picture emerges to indicate that they knew all too well how to have a very good time!

The Menu*
-Split Pea Soup thickened with Spicy Bread and served with Confit Chicken
-Haddock in Ale
-Orange Omelette for Pimps and Harlots
-Saffron Cake
*if you require vegetarian options, please contact the Box Office directly.

Note: Tables of 8 people will be assigned as the event nears

Tickets are $125 plus fees and taxes, and include dinner and wine.



Feb 6 2020 - 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Pablo Center at the Confluence