Menomonie Special School Board Meeting | WisCommunity

There will be a special meeting of the Menomonie School Board Monday March 15, 5 PM, primarily to consider issues surrounding the upcoming school closing. Agenda is attached. 

I spoke with School Superintendent Joe Zydowsky today. WisCommunity will provide a video of the meeting by Monday. Supt. Zydowsky would like to keep the number of community members a the meeting small if possible due to coronavirus concerns, but it is open to the public.

Plans at the meeting include changing leave policy in the district to allow school employees to continue to receive a paycheck during the school shutdown, and to discuss other plans for the school closing. 

For parents who are concerned about food security the district is working on plans to provide meals to students who are at home. This will start on March 23, but details of distribution are being worked out.

Currently there are no plans to attempt on-line instruction for district students partly due to concerns about internet connectivity for the students, and because the district must provide services to the students if they are providing instruction, and that will be difficult under the current circumstances. Any on-line instruction provided will be supplemental instruction, not normal classroom work.


Mar 15 2020 - 5:00pm
Administrative Service Center