Make & Take: Salad in a Jar | WisCommunity

Join us as we prep colorful salads in glass jars for the week!
Here is how it works…Bring 4 wide mouthed quart mason jars with lids and rings. We will each throw our favorite ingredients into our own jars, pot-luck style, and go home with a boat-load of nutrient-dense, easy-peezy lunches for a week!

Alicia Bruder, a healthy living enthusiast and Juice Plus+ Distributor shares her passion of inspiring healthy living through onsite classes and in-home events. Incorporating more plant foods into our diet initiates and accelerates a multitude of positive lifestyle changes. I am so excited to meet you!
Salad in a jar workshops are fun, social, and super useful for getting more plants into your day in a convenient vessel–great for work and on the go!



Jul 17 2019 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Menomonie Market Classroom @ 814 Main Street East