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When: Friday, Dec 7, 2018, 5:00PM - 8:00PM
Raw Deal

Join us for an evening with our neighbors, family and friends at the Raw Deal in Menomonie. This is a benefit for Bonnie and Josh, owners of Winnowburrow Farm. Winnowburrow is a small farm in Wheeler, WI. Bonnie specializes in cut flowers, heirloom produce and herbs. She is a passionate seed saver of heirloom veggies and has been farming for the last 5ish years.

Bonnie and Josh have been going through all the steps to buy a farm of their own. They need community support in this endeavor, not only with immediate finances but ongoing support.

We hope to bring the community together to shine awareness on how important it is to support our local farms. Our local farms are the root to our community, and we need to keep those roots strong.

Here is a line up of events for the evening.
+++Guest Speakers+++
-Sarah Godsave will be your MC!
-Bonnie from Winnowburrow will discuss her farm and how important community support is for her business.
-Patty Wright and Mike Racette are guest speakers that will discuss community building and involvement around farms.
WFU Our Shared Values video, It’s all good, but Patty and Mike start at around 13 minutes in-
-Simone Perrin-
-Chicken Foot Revival-An old time sounding jug band
-Bob DK-guitarist of Lil' Muddy will be playing acoustic slide guitar
+++Silent Auction+++
-A plethora of locally produced items. Wooden cutting boards, a quilt, farm raised chicken, goat milk soap, wool socks, gift package of heirloom seeds, more TBA!
+++For Sale+++
Benefit for the Bounty T-shirts, patches and maybe other swag?!
+++Informational Booths+++
-Check out other local resources for farmers and consumers.
-Winnowburrow will have an information booth up.
+++Take time to talk with your neighbors and local farmers+++
Thank you!

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Raw Deal