Facebook Events near Menomonie
When: Thursday, Sep 20, 2018, 5:30PM - 7:30PM
1064 210th Ave. Somerset, WI 54025

Join me to support our candidates for State Assembly!

We are fortunate to have four talented candidates in our area: Kim Butler, District 28; John Calabrese, District 29; Barry Hammarback, District 30; and Allison Holzman, District 75. Come and meet the candidates at my home on September 20. This is a wonderful opportunity to unite and support them.

Our support will help them on to victory in November.

Kim Butler (28th Assembly District)

John Rocco Calabrese (29th Assembly District)

Barry Hammarback (30th Assembly District)

Ali Holzman (75th Assembly District)

1064 210th Ave. Somerset, WI 54025