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Antique guns, bicycling in 1890s Eau Claire, and women's history are explored in a new — unconventional — tour of the Historic Schleglemilch House at 517 S. Farwell in downtown Eau Claire. UW-Eau Claire students will be present to talk about their research and host activities related to their topics. Drop-in tours are self-guided. Admission $5/adults, $2/children 4-17; free 4 and under and members.

Hightlights include:
-- Historic firearm display, which includes two rifles made by Herman Schlegelmilch himself.

-- (Optional) Guided bicycle tour starting at 2:00 with stops related to Eau Claire's cycling history, led by students offered with support from Bike Chippewa Valley. Note: Visitors do not need to participate on the bicycle tour to see the house, and bicycle tour participants do not need to visit the house to go on the bike tour.

-- Dramatic readings by UW-Eau Claire music and theatre arts students of excerpts from correspondence between Schlegelmilch sisters, mother and daughters. Readings are not scheduled and will occur with audience interest.

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May 5, 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Schlegelmilch-Mcdaniel House