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When: Friday, Oct 26, 2018, 6:00PM - 8:30PM
Menomonie Market Food Co-op

Join MMFC and Dunn County Farmers Union for a screening of Food for Change in the Menomonie Market upstairs classroom! Tea, cider and snacks will be provided from the Deli.

Food for Change tells the story of the cooperative movement in the United States in away that is both entertaining and informative. It includes interviews with co-op workers, rare archival footage, and narration by the film’s director, Steve Alves.

“It’s American history, from the Great Depression to the the present, with co-ops as the protagonist,” says Alves, “one part food and two parts politics, to three parts economics.”

Alves tracks the co-op movement’s quest for whole and organic foods, and their focus on sustainable food systems. The film profiles several food co-ops that have revived neighborhoods and entire communities. No other film has examined this history.

Steve Alves is an internationally-acclaimed filmmaker and member of the Franklin Community Co-op in Greenfield, Massachusetts. “My goals are to help co-op workers and members connect with their roots as a source of energy and inspiration for the struggles they currently face. With the film, co-ops can raise the public’s awareness of their unique place in our country’s economic and political landscape.”
“Today we’re experiencing both a renaissance and a challenge to American food co-ops,” says Sean Doyle, General Manager of the Seward Co-op. “Many co-ops from the 1970s have grown to be successful and dynamic businesses with sales in the millions. Many of these are now being challenged in the organic and natural food foods market that they created. We want the public to know our story and the change we represent.”

Menomonie Market Food Co-op