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It's summer in Eau Claire, and y'all know what that means--cocktails on the old pontoon boat, the alluring perfume of firepit smoke and Deep Woods Off, completely unpredictable weather events (tonight, for instance, I believe it's supposed to rain salamanders for a spell, then watch out for a volcanic eruption around 9:00, then snow) and yes, coming up on August 3rd, the Doublewides are fixin' to get ready to commence to return to the friendly confines of the Mousetrap Tavern right here in the beating heart of historic Barstow Street to play some rock and gotdang roll, as well as a certain amount of blueshonk, rhumbabilly and loungepunk, and possibly other stuff that we haven't made up names for yet! Whew--what a sentence! Yep, you heard right--we'll be bringing the Etta James, the Foghat, the Saint Tom of Petty, the Tennessee Gotdang Ernie Ford, the Stones, the Dylan, the Clapton, the Fleetwood Mac, The Nancy Sinatra and the Screamin' Jay--the whole shebang, as they say--so slither on down and prepare to dance, have a bourbon or three and sing along with the Flaming Doublewides!

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Aug 3 2019 - 9:00pm to Aug 4 2019 - 12:00am
The Mousetrap Tavern