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It's been a long, weird year, y'all--but it looks like we're coming out the other end, thank Jimi and the rest of the rock n roll gods, and if that's not something to celebrate then I don't like bourbon, barbecue and tube amp gotdang distortion (turns out I like those things a LOT)! What I'm saying is, the Flaming Doublewides will be playing the live opener for Tuesday Night Blues this year, on July 6 at the historic Owen Park bandshell--starting at 6:30! We'll be playing the first set, followed by the blazing guitar stylings of the Stefan Geisinger band--a rare TNB double-header event! Expect thrills, possible chills, a big ol' bucket-full of your favorite Doublewides tunes (all blues and/or blues-adjacent, of course), along with a couple of special guests who will astound and amaze you! Bring the kids, bring the dog, bring a picnic, bring a hula hoop, bring your granny 'cause she just got out of prison and she likes to dance--the Doublewides are back, baby!



Jul 6 2021 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Owen Park Bandshell