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In the dark haze of Upton Sinclair's Jungle, and the promise of a bravely distopian world, it became clear a new sort of Hero was needed. From their early days in the sandwich shops it became clear - these were no ordinary Eggplants!

From the average garden variety Eggplant to the old world facing Aubergine, this group of fellows struck a chord. By fusing literature with gospel traditions, and blending beats (no Beets were hurt in the process) from folk to reggae an accessible, intuitive musical canvas was drawn across the frame of a disorganized world of sound. It was after this fashion that these musical draftees in the search for harmony became Eggplant Heroes.

However, there is still debate amongst critics as to the long term standing of these dauntless troubadours. So, we leave the question to you - Aubergine protagonists, or just another sandwich?

Two guitars, one trumpet, a mandolin, a violin, a bass, an electric guitar (for necessary twang) the occasional bit of hand percussion, and a whole lot of harmony... That's what Eggplant Heroes have to work with. Add in a bit of poetry, or a sentence or two from a time tested text, and you just might have something!
Eggplant Heroes play music that spans folk, gospel and literary traditions. From old favorites to original works, you are sure to find yourself pleased to listen.


Jul 25 2021 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm