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To learn more about efforts to fight childhood poverty in Wisconsin, attend a presentation by JONAH of the Chippewa Valley (and sponsored by The Eastside Hill Neighborhood Association) at 6pm on Thursday, March 28, at Spirit Lutheran Church, 1310 Main St., Eau Claire. You can also visit the statewide website at

Read more about the issues and the event here:


• Sixteen million children in the United States live in poverty. Childhood poverty in our country has been rising since the 1970’s and is now at about 22% nationally. In 2013, the national cost of child poverty was estimated to be $500 billion per year.

• In Wisconsin, one in six children live in poverty. Wisconsin also has one of the highest racial disparity poverty rates in the United States.

• Many studies indicate that poverty leads to multiple adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) and poor adult

• The End Child Poverty Task Force is focusing on child poverty statistics, consequences of poverty, societal impacts, and current state and regional activities to inform the public and address governmental agencies.

• The Wisconsin Council of Churches, WISDOM, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, and Kids Forward have launched a Campaign to reduce Wisconsin’s Child Poverty rate in half in the next ten years.

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March 28, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Spirit Lutheran