When: Tuesday, Apr 17, 2018, 6:00PM
97 W Madison St Eau Claire, WI

Note: Meet & greet begins around 5:15 with the presentation around 6 PM

When developing software, we are all dealing with data.

From the code we write to solve our customer's or employer's problems, to the data we're storing in our systems. There's an inherent risk involved with all the data we interact with, but are we truly aware of everything we should be?

In this presentation, we'll be covering some of those risks, liabilities and laws every person working with software should be aware of.

What is a breach?
Cyber Risk
Internet Crime
Who are the cybercriminals?
Small versus large risks
The biggest threat
Who Get's Attacked
The IoT's
Laws, Reg's and Standards that Apply
Data Breaches 2017
2018 Forecast
The New European Privacy Rules (GDPR)

Keith Daniels
Keith is a graduate of UW-EC and the UW Madison Law School who has been involved with cybersecurity and privacy issues since advising Lloyds of London on Y2K and in developing the first cyber liability insurance policy for Lloyds. Since then, working for several insurance companies, Keith has developed other insurance policies for cyber and technology, has been involved in underwriting and in managing cyber and technology claims. Recently, he has begun to consult and advise companies on security and privacy, with a focus on the upcoming new privacy regulations in Europe and their global impact.

This meeting is sponsored by Applied Data Consultants.

Lazy Monk Brewery
97 W Madison St Eau Claire, WI