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The current dairy price crisis is putting family farms out of business. Join together with other farmers from across the country as we address the dairy crisis and begin on a path toward rebuilding a viable dairy economy.

With events planned across the nation, the Dairy Roadshow is focused on improving the situation for dairy farmers. Our goal is to share information and present options with as much research base as we are able to compile, present those ideas and engage farmers and policy makers in community conversations.

The Roadshow welcomes farmers of all backgrounds and is being organized by National Farmers Union, National Farmers Organization, Holstein Association USA, and state Farmers Union organizations from Wisconsin, New England, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, California, and the Rocky Mountain region. We’re focused on policy changes that align with our organizations’ core values of family farming, fair economic policies, and thriving rural communities.

We’re looking beyond milk labeling, increasing exports, and dairy insurance plans to actual long-term solutions. Join us in identifying actions American dairy farmers can take to advance our organizing efforts, direct our advocacy and influence policy makers.

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April 2, 2019 - 11:00am to 2:00pm
29 Pines / Sleep Inn & Suites Conference Center 5872 33rd Avenue Eau Claire WI 54703