When: Saturday, Nov 4, 2017, 6:30PM

I'm back from my North Carolina adventure and ready to CUDDLE UP!  I hope you are too!

I am training to be a certified Cuddle Party Facilitator.  Part of that training is hosting a couple "review" parties so I can get some feedback on my style and content.  I would love to have you attend and get to know more about this wonderful movement. I aim to create a fun, playful, peaceful and safe space. Tupperware parties are rowdier than a Cuddle Party so don't be afraid to join us. Please bring your favorite snack to share, a pillow/blanket and an open mind.   -Sarah Bear

Cuddle Party is … a Movement!

It’s about compassion, affection, and touch.

We humans need touch and affection. It’s no longer a question. Nurturing, welcome consensual touch is good for you. Good for your body, heart and spirit. Good for your blood pressure, your nervous system, your emotional health, your ability to connect with and trust people, your ability to respect and care for yourself, your creativity, sense of safety and comfort and belonging. Infants who are deprived of touch fail to thrive; we never outgrow the need.

We humans need touch that is not about sex.

Wait - IS THERE such a thing?

Of course, there is!

Cuddle Party is a movement to reclaim this option in our lives.

A donation jar will be present for financial gifts. Money is NOT required to attend.

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