When: Thursday, Oct 12, 2017, 5:45PM

Join us for an exploratory hike that will begin at the Battle Creek Recreation Center Parking Lot.  This Park has many trails, varied terrain and, levels of difficulty. Expect mowed grass, dirt, rocks, and tree roots on the trails we will be hiking. As noted:  you will be regularly going up or down hills (some quite steep) on this hike. Please consider that before you RSVP.  We will vary the route to be hiked as needed. Expect an approximately 4.0 mile hike.Dress appropriately for the weather. Might be a good idea at this time of year to bring a headlamp and/or small flashlight in your vehicle to use if needed.

Redundant recommendation: Bring a flashlight and/or headlamp!

Recommended to bring: water, energy bar (or similar), hiking poles/stick.

- There is no fee to hike at this Park.

- As always, do not leave valuables in your car.

IMPORTANT - please update your RSVP's early, so others may attend.

Please Note: The Hike may be postponed/cancelled due to weather or other circumstance. BE SURE TO CHECK THIS PAGE AND YOUR EMAIL BEFORE HEADIND OUT TO THE HIKE.

MOST IMPORTANT - We will begin the hike at 5:45 PM - Please be on time.