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Each month, Converge Radio is proud to feature a band or musician as part of our Artist Spotlight Series. This September, we feature our first ever band NOT from the Chippewa Valley- Ezra Bell!

Ezra Bell was founded around the irreverent and introspective songwriting of Benjamin Wuamett. Carving a wide path through the musical spectrum, Ezra Bell brushes up against Folk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop and R&B.

Formed in Portland in late 2013, Ezra Bell was a changing cast of characters before settling into it’s sound. Aaron Mattison, horn player and arranger, joins Converge Radio to talk about the band, the recording process, and how everything comes together to make their special sound.

Plus- a special WORLD PREMIERE of a new track from Ezra Bell! That’s right – Converge Radio will be the first place you hear a new track from the band!

Want to hear more? You can head to

With the link above, you will find “for those we love(d)”, a new, digital album recorded by the band at an avocado farm in Florida last year.

tune in to to hear the interview and the WORLD PREMIERE of a new Ezra Bell track!

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