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Artist Reception: July 29, 2021
from 5 – 7pm

Erin O’Brien is a featured artist in Navigating Our Lives: Exploring Creative Pathways for Healing. Art, design and color have always been a source of inspiration and power for Erin. She expresses herself through a variety of mediums including fiber art, colored pencil, photography and digital art. She taps into a special energy when creating, planting seeds of truth, wisdom and love.

Tanya Meyer is a self-taught Healing Energy Artist, Intuitive Energy Practitioner, Aerial Yoga Instructor and Sound Medicine Healer. Her goal as an artist is to create something that will make a meaningful and powerful first connection and then continue the spiritual growth between the person and the vibration/energy artistically represented in the piece.

Susan Carew Johnson is the artist and owner of Authentic Soul Studio, LLC. She creates abstract and semi-abstract paintings in acrylics and mixed media on canvas and board in various sizes. Susan is a nurse and has always used art as a meditative practice, but more recently has acquired a studio and is focusing on her art as a full time practice. http://www.authenticsoulstudio...

CV Peterson (Eau Claire/Chicago) is a multidisciplinary artist who combines environmental research with art. They are exploring the juxtoposition of memorial and enlightenment in this new series of work that focus on threatened Wisconsin wildflowers. They are the founder of Envisage Retreat.

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Jul 29 2021 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Heyde Center for the Arts/Chippewa Valley Cultural Association