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Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020
ECPD Discussion: 5:30 - 6:30pm
Meeting: 6:30pm
Boyd Park, 1202 Fairway Street (Off Main Street)
Pavilion Area

We'll try to keep this one as short as possible. Please wear a mask and practice social distancing during the meeting. Rough agenda items ...

- We'll have our normal update from local police officers, and you'll have a chance to ask them questions.

- Boyd Park Plus Update
- Steering Committee Elections

An important note on elections ... we need you! We’ll be holding elections for open seats on the Neighborhood’s Steering Committee – and you can easily join. The committee meets once a month to discuss neighborhood business, projects, and events. We’ve recently formed a number of subcommittees and all Steering Committee members are asked to join one if they can, lend their input, and volunteer a little time. We will especially need assistance for the Boyd Park Plus project. Join us and help us make a difference in the neighborhood!

If you can't make the meeting but are interested in joining, please email our President, Chad Rowekamp, at [email protected]

We hope to see you on Sept. 17!


Sep 17 2020 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Boyd Park