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You wanna know what kind of free trivia theme would be totally choice? 1980s trivia. Do we have one planned? Cheeuh! And it will be totally boss.

On Sunday, June 23rd, bring all your Dexter-type friends for a exceptionally flange time. Our trivia game is totally free to play!
As always, we recommend making a reservation, if the venues allow it.

Bring your appetite, nosh on some gnarly grindage & pound a couple Freddy's while you answer Qs about the 1980s.

Don't be totally bogus & miss out. Make sure you're sportin' your flourescent socks & Gloria Vanderbilt jeans & join us Sunday, June 23rd for 1980s trivia!



Jun 23 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Sammy's Pizza - Eau Claire