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This is the area for all things about the Chippewa Valley - for general purposes we're considering this to be Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, and Pepin Counties..

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Gordy's Markets continue to close in the Chippewa Valley

News today is that the Gordy's on Hamilton Avenue in Eau Claire is closing at 5 PM today. This was announced, as have been a few others, by a sign on the door the day of the closing. This leaves just one Gordy's in Eau Claire (on West Clairemont, the one that is near the Menards) that remains open. One is left in Chippewa Falls as well.  Several of the other stores are being taken over by Festival Foods.

Clearly Gordy's is having a tough time, which appears to have largely been caused by a rapid expansion that they could not maintain in the very competitive grocery business in Wisconsin. You may remember that they were set to open a store in Menomonie last year, but postponed starting construction several times and then quietly dropped the project. 

Town Hall in Menomonie with Ron Johnson Aide

Tom Petri, one of Ron Johnson's aides, held a town hall meeting in Menomonie last night to talk with Senator Johnson's constituents. Approximately 120 people attended the town hall, which was mostly respectful and grateful to Mr. Petri for coming to hear their concerns.

Town Hall to be held with Ron Johnson Aide in Menomonie

This is on our events calendar, but it's particularly notable. Due to a great deal of commitment and work on the part of members of the Citizen Action Organizing Co-op of Western Wisconsin, one of Ron Johnson's aides will hold a town hall meeting in Menomonie on Monday the 17th of July. This is notable since Johnson has refused in-person town halls, and in fact has had very few town hall meetings where one of his representatives has attended. This is a rare opportunity to make your opinions known to your state senator.

6:30-8:00 PM

Menomonie Public Library

600 Wolske Bay Road

Menomonie, WI 54751

Eaux Claires Troix

Thanks to Chippewa Valley Community Television for their coverage of Eaux Claires Troix - a great time was had by all. Now if we could just get Justin Vernon to stop mis-spelling French words ---

Who is Ayn Rand?

This lecture is part of the Menomonie Community Conversations series.

Dr Tim Schiell, Professor of Philosophy, UW Stout addressed  such questions as: Who is Any Rand? What were her "objectivist" teachings? How do her ideas apply to real world scenarios? Why has she inspired so many devoted followers but also so many rabid critics? What do you think of Rand's philosophy?

Sorry for the erratic quality of the video.  Want to see that improve?  Consider becoming a member here. We're using membership money to purchase better video equipment, among other things. 

Fight for Fair Maps in Eau Claire

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case on Gerrymandering in Wisconsin, and the latest news is that the case will be heard in early October. A meeting was held in Eau Claire last week in which Sachin Cheda (heading up the lawsuit) and Wendy Sue Johnson (one of the plaintiffs) did a presentation about fair maps in Wisconsin, the lawsuit, and what people can do to promote fair maps in the state. 

This is crucial. Many of our state legislators no longer feel they need to listen to constituents because their party willl hold their seat due to the way that the districts were rearranged after the 2010 census. This lawsuit could be crucial not only for fair maps in Wisconsin, but for all of the other states as well. 

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