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This is the area for all things about the Chippewa Valley - for general purposes we're considering this to be Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, and Pepin Counties..


Newsmakers: COVID-19 Update with LWM Executive Director Jerry Deschane

This is an interesting discussion with the director of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities about the problems of doing the upcoming April 7 election and requests to the Governor to address the problems.

State Parks are Free for the Interim


MADISON, Wis. - Fees are now waived for all Wisconsin State Parks and Trails that continue to remain open to the public. Parks, law enforcement and property staff will also continue to provide routine sweeps of state park system properties.

Dunn County Health Department COVID-19 Informational Meeting


Dunn County Health Department Press Conference 3/20/2020

, a COVID-19 confirmed infection case was found in Dunn County. This morning KT Gallagher, the Dunn County Health Dept. Administrator, held a press conference discussing the case and steps citizens can take to keep themselves healthy.

First COVID-19 Case Confirmed in Eau Claire County


A press release this morning from the Eau Claire Health Department has announced the first COVID-19 confirmed case in Eau Claire County. The individual concerned was outside of the state, and according to the Health Department has been in self-quarantine at home since that travel. The press release from the Health Department is attached to this article, The release includes advice for safety during this crisis.

Dunn County Public Health Interview

KT Gallagher

I spoke with Dunn County Public Health Director KT Gallagher yesterday. She provided some good information and ideas  about coping with the current COVID-19 outbreak. It's a really fast-moving world at the moment, and the guidelines for public gatherings in Wisconsin have changed since I spoke to her. However, I think the general ideas about caring for other community members are important.

Spring DNR and Conservation Congress Meetings Will be Online ONLY

DNR Logo

MADISON, WI -In light of COVID-19, the Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC) and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) are closely following guidelines from the

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Yesterday, April 6

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    Please join us for this special meeting to reflect on Wisconsin's unprecedented spring election season. During the meeting, we will discuss what happened but also, most importantly, explore our path forward to reclaim governing power in Wisconsin during the November elections.

    Many of us are rightfully mad. The GOP-controlled legislature and Supreme Court blocked Governor Ever's attempts to adjust the election to accommodate public health concerns during a pandemic; endangering voters and poll workers.

    The questions we face now are: How can we translate our anger into action? How can win back seats in the state legislature? How can we be a part of the solution?

    We will joined by candidates running for state legislature in Dunn County including: Patty Schachtner (incumbent running in State Senate District 10), John Calabrese (running in State Assembly District 29), and Chris Kapsner (running in State Assembly District 67).

    This meeting will be held via Zoom video conference. Registration is required to attend. To register, follow this link: