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This is the area for all things about the Chippewa Valley - for general purposes we're considering this to be Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, and Pepin Counties..


Dunn County considering vehicle registration fee


In a news release today Dunn County announced that they are considering implementing a $20 vehicle registration fee for vehicles "normally residing" in Dunn County. This would be in addition to the already-raised state registration fees. The fees would be used to help pay for county transportation needs, primarily roads and bridges (although the money could also be used for trail maintenance, sidewalks, etc.) 

The Stubborn Similarity Of Gas Prices Across Eau Claire

Confusion over what drives differences in gas prices between gas stations in the same town ⁠— or even at the same intersection ⁠— can be a constant source of frustration for drivers. Depending on the pricing system in a state, gas prices at one station can be nearly $0.30 different from those at another across the street.

Big Boy comes to Altoona

Big Boy

Presentation of award to Big Boy steam train in Altoona, WI

On July 23 Big Boy, engine 4014 stopped in Altoona as part of its tour of the country commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad completion. The Big Boy engines were the largest steam engines ever built and were designed to haul large loads over the Wasatch Mountain range. The 25 Big Boy engines were built by Union Pacific between 1941 and 1944 and were used until 1959. They are the largest steam engines built, at 132 feet long and 7000 horsepower.

Menomonie School board discusses budget, Native American Mascots, and subscriptions for agendas and minutes

Commendations to attendees of Model Schools Convention

Menomonie School Board 7/22/2019

Board President Amy Swanson apologizes for a statement she made at the last board meeting which could have been construed as insensitive to homeless people.

Riverview Beach Closed in Eau Claire

beach picture

Riverview Beach in Eau Claire has been closed due to unsafe bacteria levels.  Full details are available at the link below.

2019 Half-Moon Dragon Boat Festival Canceled

Dragon Boats

The 2019 Dragon Boat Festival has been canceled. According to a statement from Mayo Clinic today, the event will not be held this year due to a lack of participating teams.  This is disappointing as the festival has always been a fun event for participants and attendees. Let's hope it comes back again in the future. The photo is from last year's festival. We had noticed earlier in the day that the Facebook event and all associated web pages suddenly disappeared.

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Today, September 20

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    In these classes, you will discover ways to:
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    Registration: Registration is required for all classes. Payment is due at the time of registration.

    How To Register:
    Online: Click the ticket button and complete the checkout process.
    By Phone: Call (715) 231-3663 with a card ready for payment.
    In Store: Visit the customer service desk.

    Cancellation: Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable within 48 hours of the class start.

    Parking: When you arrive, park in the south side of the parking lot surrounding the shed.

    Questions? Contact Becca Schoenborn via phone call at 715-231-3663 Ext. 220 or via email at [email protected]

    All classes are held in Menomonie Market’s upstairs classroom. Stairs and an elevator can be found at the back of the store by the meat department. Any food purchased at Menomonie Market can also be brought to the classroom to enjoyed.