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This is the area for all things about the Chippewa Valley - for general purposes we're considering this to be Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, and Pepin Counties..

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Election Day Tuesday - vote like your life depends on it


Tomorrow is election day in Wisconsin. Important elections are up throughout the state. Everyone in the state has an opportunity to vote in the primary election for State Supreme Court. the Supreme Court race is interesting as it has candidates of very different judicial attitudes. Tim Burns is running as an unabashed liberal, and essentially as a Democrat, despite this being a non-partisan race. Sauk County Circuit Judge Michale Screnock claims to be non-partisan, and that he will not...

Eau Claire Governor Forum

On Saturday, Feb. 10 the Citizen Action Organizing Co-op of Western Wisconsin held a candidate forum at the Eau Claire Children's Theater. The event was attended by over 220 people, and gave 7 of the Democratic candidates for governor a chance to explain their positions. This is a video of the entire event. Candidates present were Paul Soglin, Andy Gronik, Matt Flynn, Kelda Roys, Dana Wachs, Mike McCabe, and Mahlon Mitchell. 

Youtube is still busy processing this video - the quality...

Patty Schachtner wins race in SD 10

Patty Schachtner

In a surprisingly big victory last night, Democratic candidate Patty Schachtner defeated Republican Adam Jarchnow in the race for State Senate District 10. This was considered a bellweather race nationally, revolving around a state senate seat that had been held for 17 years by Republican Sheila Harsdorf, who has left the Senate to take a place in the Walker administration.  This is one of a growing string of red-to-blue seat reversals around the country, and does not bode well for...

SD 10 election Tuesday

Patty Schactner

A special election will be held tomorrow, Jan 16 for the Senate District 10 seat left vacant by Sheila Harsdorf. Normally I have not endorsed candidates in the past, but this is a very important race both for the people of SD 10 and symbolically for the country. This race pits a Wisconsin progressive candidate against a die-hard new-style Wisconsin Republican and is being watched nation-wide as a bellweather of things to come in the mid-term elections later in the year. 


Look & See - A Portrait of Wendell Berry

Look and See Poster

We are sponsoring our first Wis.Community community film showing. We hope to do more of these in the coming months - films that enlighten and entertain, and that will not show in local theaters otherwise.

LOOK & SEE is a cinematic portrait of farmer and writer Wendell Berry. Through his eyes, we see both the changing landscapes of rural America in the era of industrial agriculture and the redemptive beauty in taking the unworn path.

Wendell Erdman Berry (born...

Conservationists Endorse Patty Schachtner for SD10

MADISON – Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters proudly endorses Patty Schachtner for Wisconsin’s Senate District 10.

The upcoming special election on Jan. 16 in SD10 provides voters one of the first major opportunities to send a message to the anti-conservation elements in Madison and Washington D.C. by electing Patty Schachtner.

Patty Schachtner is a conservationist through and through. She is a hunter, an...

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Today, February 21

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    Title: “Measuring the Effects of Community-Based Spanish on Students’ Willingness to Communicate”Short abstract: Speaking holds a central place in communication and language acquisition. While a large portion of the meaning people generate through communication stems from nonverbal messages, the fact remains that without talk most communication, particularly interpersonal communication, would have little reason to exist. As any language instructor knows, talk is central to improving the oral component of second-language acquisition. Nonetheless, given the opportunity to do so, people differ dramatically in the degree to which they actually do talk and this variability in talking behavior is rooted in a personality variable called “Willingness to Communicate”. What factors influence a student’s willingness to communicate in and outside of the classroom, in formal and informal situations, with people they know and with strangers? This project looks to measure the impact that students’ experiences in a community-based Spanish class had on their willingness to use the target language. Presenter: Carter Smith Date: Friday April 27, 2018 at 12:00 P.M. CEN 4705 (Lunch bags welcome) Event Url
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    McIntyre Library at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will host the 4th annual Eau Claire backgammon tournament on April 7 starting at 1 pm. The tournament, which is FREE and open to UW-Eau Claire students and all residents of the Chippewa Valley is for beginners and experienced players alike.How the tournament worksThe tournament will have a maximum of 32 players (two sixteen team brackets). Registration is required to enter the tournament.LocationMcIntyre Library will host all rounds of the tournament and is located on the UW-Eau Claire campus at 105 Garfield Ave. Eau Claire, WI 54702. Parking at UW-Eau Claire is free on the weekends. Please consult this map (PDF) for location information. Suggested locations to park are the Phillips Lot or Hibbard Lot.RegistrationRegistration is FREE and is required to participate in the tournament. To register send an email indicating your interest in participating to Hans Kishel, UW-Eau Claire librarian: [email protected] register no later than April 4, 2018. If space is available registrants will be taken on day of tournament.Questions should be directed to Hans Kishel ([email protected], 715-836-2959). Event Url