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China, Cuba, what's the dif? Walker spinner still spins

When last heard from, Republican operative Bruce Pfaff was busy getting Scott Walker having already gotten John Gillespie and Cate Zeuske elected to the U.S. Senate, plus helping Scott McCallum beat Jim Doyle.

Pfaff is now in DC, working for the Congress critter known as Mean Jean Schmidt, from Pfaff&;s native Ohio.

Jean&;s best known for calling Rep. John Murtha, a decorated war hero, for opposing the Iraq war. But that&;s just one of many of her claims to fame.

She&;s currently in the news for claiming, like some other misinformed Repubs, that China is drilling for oil off the coast of Florida.

Others who fell for that piece of propaganda, including George Will and Dick Cheney, have already admitted their mistakes.

But not Mean Jean. Her spokesman -- guess who? -- says she stands by her statement, even if it&;s not true.

Here&;s his :

Schmidt campaign spokesman Bruce Pfaff said he hasn&;t talked to Schmidt or her office staff yet about the statement.

"This just came up," he said. "We will have a discussion. To us, the real discussion needs to be about which country Cuba is selling the rights to oil to and that communist governments understand the laws of supply and demand better than congressional Democrats."

Pfaff said the information came from "media sources."

When asked which sources, Pfaff cited a New York Times story and said other members of Congress also have referenced the claim.

Later, reported this update:

ThinkProgress spoke with a spokesman for Schmidt who said that the congresswoman is standing behind her statement and still believes that the "Communists understand" what the U.S. Congress doesn&;t -- "We need more oil exploration." He added that "it doesn&;t matter" which country is doing the drilling as long as Cuba continues to lease plots of land to foreign countries.

So if you say China and it&;s really Cuba that&;s it&;s true. Next Pfaff will announce that the Olympics are going to be held in Havana. By his guidelines, that would also be true.

Maybe Pfaff&;s in training for the 2010 Walker for governor race, which will require enormous amounts of doublespeak about his record as county exec.


June 17, 2008 - 4:12pm