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Note that although it's not perfect, and it's not all-inclusive by any means, it's a step in the right direction.



In this update:
1. Doyle to sign ethics reform bill tomorrow
2. Up next: Campaign finance reform
3. Supreme Court race taking shape

Governor Jim Doyle will sign the ethics
reform bill into law tomorrow morning, marking a happy ending to a
long, tough fight to revive meaningful enforcement of high ethical
standards and accountability in state government. To see newspaper
coverage of the near-unanimous approval of the reform measure by the
Legislature, go . For television coverage, go . To read the editorial on the subject that appeared in this morning's edition of the state's largest newspaper, go .

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorialized: "Now, on to the vital task of campaign finance reform." That sentiment also was on display in the governor's . Here is what Governor Doyle had to say:

"Tonight, we've talked about an
aggressive agenda of change and reform. And some pretty big change
happened just today. Earlier this afternoon, Republicans and Democrats
joined together to agree on the most sweeping ethics reform in thirty
years – creating a strong Government Accountability Board that will
have the power to enforce our laws, investigate and bring prosecutions
against those who violate the public trust. It is a model for what can
happen when people in both parties set aside differences and do what's
right, and I look forward to signing it into law.

But we shouldn't stop there.
Every two years, our TV sets are bombarded by nasty and negative ads
from shadowy groups that don't play by the same rules as everyone else.
But we can put a stop to it. Tonight, I ask you to end the phony issue
ads and require these groups to follow our campaign finance laws. They
should disclose their donors, abide by contribution limits, and be
forbidden from taking corporate contributions that would otherwise be
illegal. Let's pass this vital reform now, and clean up Wisconsin's

Finally, we need to improve
the way campaigns are financed in Wisconsin. Today, we have new
leadership and a new opportunity to achieve consensus. I have asked
Speaker Huebsch and Senator Robson to work with me to come up with a
strong, comprehensive bill that can win the support of both parties.
Let's get this done, and do what's right for the people of Wisconsin."

To see news coverage about the
governor's renewed call for action on campaign finance reform and the
growing need for such action, go and .

The latest campaign finance
reports filed this week not only show record-shattering fundraising and
spending in the governor's race, but they also show that the candidates
in the upcoming election for state Supreme Court are to making this the most expensive campaign ever for the state's highest court.

The Democracy Campaign has devoted a to this spring's Supreme Court race and just updated it today with the latest figures.

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February 1, 2007 - 3:06pm