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Calm Before The Storm

I just got back from making phone calls and standing on campus at UW-Stout (Menomonie) accosting students and trying to get them to vote.  The latter was an interesting experience.  Some of the students really knew what they were talking about.  Some of them didn&;t.  A LOT of them didn&;t realize they could actually vote in Menomonie, and some of them were very confused about how voting works.  

Mind you, I&;m sure that if I&;d talked to an equal number of older people I would have had the same experience. Still, I was really happy to see that a lot of the students had already voted, and that most of the rest intended to.  Word is that polling has been very heavy around the state.  When I went to vote in little Downsville, WI there was quite a line - although a lot of that was from poeple who wanted to give the new touch-screen machine a spin.  I opted for the scanner ballot this time.

Anyway - I&;m going to post some later tonight when there&;s actually something to reflect on. I&;ll be going at least for a while to the Dunn County Democrats party.  There&;s supposed to be Internet there, so maybe you&;ll get some exciting live blogging and pictures.   


November 7, 2006 - 5:19pm