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BusStop-From the UEDA Summit

From the UEDA Summit

At the ;s 7th Annual Community Development Summit" target="_blank">Urban Economic Development Association&;s 7th Annual Community Development Summit, a citizen asked: Should we consider changes in SEWRPC and RTA governance?

A panelist, sounding a bit like talk radio hosts lecturing that politically incorrect caller they so love to skewer, used the moment to respond to a question no one asked.

The other panel members sat in stoned (stunned?) silence after the Panelist&;s unfortunate personal attack on the citizen.

What a sight.

Well and good that "Cooperation" was the word of the day.

And Cooperation should at least mean taking a question at face value, or taking a clumsy citizen question (like they do on Wisconsin Public Radio) and making it a question that any panel member can understand. That is grace; that is cooperation.

So, what did this benighted citizen ask of the esteemed panel?

Mr. Citizen asked about governance – pointing out how our two transit-planning bodies do not have elected representation, he asked if they might.

Earlier, Robert Liberty (from Portland&;s Metro) told his audience that it was a faith in and a practice of democracy that drove the agenda of their modern transportation system. Referenda and elections.

Portland Metro has a governance that Milwaukee could study. We have a planning culture whose representation of SE Wisconsin could use a look-see by all thoughtful leaders who believe in Cooperation. The panel&;s dead silence should not be the last word on this subject.

Were there answers, suggestions, guidelines at the UEDA conference?

Yes. Many – but another day, another blog – my bus is coming; I gotta go.

Bill Sell



June 26, 2008 - 10:19am