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Brett Davis's noxious emissions polluting the air

Brett Davis, a Repub state leggie and would-be light gov, is outraged that the state of Wisconsin would buy a plane ticket for a guy who's an expert on auto emissions, to have him talk to the state's global warming task force.

Davis has made all kinds of hay with it, stirring up the Republican radio talkers in Madison and Milwaukee, and generally carrying on about how this "environmental extremist" came here to make a presentation on the state's dime.

As Jim Rowen the person in question is actually a California state employee who has been working on air pollution control issues, including auto emissions, since 1974.

Some members of the task force wanted him to come because General Motors was planning a dog and pony show for the task force on the emissions issue, and they thought a little balance might be nice.

General Motors, of course, didn't ask for plane fare, having plenty of money left after a $60-billion taxpayer bailout.

Davis is concerned, however, about the $400 plane ticket for the California expert, paid for by the taxpayers.



April 23, 2010 - 6:36pm