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Zipperer offer to help voters get ID falls a little short

Feeling disenfranchised by the new voter ID law?  Never fear, Rich Zipperer is here to help -- well, sort of.

Brookfield Patch reports:

State Sen. Rich Zipperer (R-City of Pewaukee) said he’s standing behind the new voter ID bill passed by the Legislature this year and will personally help any person in the state who is concerned about being disenfranchised.

   “Any constituent, or anybody in the state…if there’s an individual with a legal right to vote, have them contact me or my office and I will make sure they get properly registered and have an ID,” he said. “If you know any individual, bring them to my attention.

It's tempting to suggest an organized effort to flood Zipperer's office with calls from people all across the state who will have a hard time getting the ID they need to be able to vote.  Maybe he would  recognize the enormous problem he and his fellow Republicans have created, especially for the poor and elderly.

But, as usual, his offer includes a catch:

"Even if they don’t live in the 33rd Senate District, I’ll get them to the office of their senator.”

So while he might help his own constituents (who vote overwhelmingly Republican) to get registered, all he's offering to do for others is refer them to their own State Senators -- whom they could have called in the first place.  And expecting your state senator to get you registered  is a pretty frail reed to be hanging onto.

Zipperer got some flak about voter ID at a town meeting in Sussex, which is what prompted the offer.  The Patch atory has more.


August 23, 2011 - 11:04am