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Zielinski Fired for Comparing Walker's Legal Dream Team to that of a High-Profile, Atrocious Criminal

Only in Wisconsin would a governor oversee the theft of hundreds of thousands from taxpayers, be the subject of a three year investigation into that crime, hire a dream team of high-profile lawyers to evade prosecution for that crime, and then when its all said in done, the only person that loses his job is the Democratic Party of Wisconsin communications director that had the nerve to point out that Scott Walker's legal team would have put Wisconsin's most atrocious criminal, Jeffery Dahmer, to shame.

On Friday, DPW communications director Graeme Zielinski, sent out several tweets responding to Republican chest-thumping that Governor Walker had somehow been exonerated when it was announced he was not going to be charged in the John Doe investigation that led to six of his former aides and associates being charged.  Specifically, Zielinski compared the high profile team of criminal defense lawyers Walker employed to evade prosecution to Jeffery Dahmer's defense team, which was led by nationally-known defense attorney,

Charlie Sykes then Zielinski's tweets with the headline "Dem Spokesman compares Walker to Jeffrey Dahmer" and calling Zielinski "one sick puppy." Then, the usually thoughtful Dan Bice, picked-up Sykes' story with the equally "Top Democratic Aide compares Walker with Jeffrey Dahmer."  And before you knew it, AP was up and running with "

Apparently, even though Walker's attorney, Mike Steinle, if you point out the caliber and type of attorney Walker employed, you are somehow equating Walker's crimes with murder.  That, of course, wasn't what Zielinski was saying or what others (including myself) meant when they said Walker's team of reminded them of O.J. Simpson's "dream team."  The point being made is simply that Walker hired an army of high-profile lawyers to avoid prosecution.

Anyway, back to our story:  This baseless hysteria all led, of course, to calls from the nutty rightwing for Zielinski to be fired and, today, the right wing nuts got their wish: 

And somewhere, high above the sky in an airplane far from Wisconsin, Scott Walker is smiling.


March 4, 2013 - 1:28pm