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You Don't Own Me

I've always had mixed feelings about this record. At the same time having a strongly feminist line, and a pretty typical girly 1960's tone, it sends some mixed messages. Still, it's a GREAT 1960's "girl" record. Aimed at men.  I think Lesley Gore re-thought this a little as well.  2 years back she did this PSA to encourage women to vote. It's important again this election cycle. Women really need to vote because a lot of the current folks in power in Wisconsin have nothing but disdain for women. Men who actually believe men and women both deserve equality need to vote. It is really important that everyone goes out to vote. Consider this a reminder. When it says Mitt Romney just substitute Scott Walker or Glenn Grothman or whatever incredible ideological dinosaur you wish. Then Vote!  (and remember you do not need voter ID to vote).  Drag along everyone you know. Talk it up with your friends why it's important. Drive folks to the polls.  Hold up signs reminding people. Make calls. Knock on doors. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES. A lot of people do not vote when the president is not in the balance. We need to stop doing that. Most of us in Wisconsin are a lot more affected by the Governor, our Assembly persons, and our Senators than by who is in the Whitehouse. 

There are a LOT of great candidates out there this year.  Go get them in office. Then hold their feet to the fire and make 'em fight for change. Because they don't own you.



November 2, 2014 - 4:36pm