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Yahoo! Soon, you won't need a permit to shoot someone

Tuesday was another big day in Wisconsin for gun nuts.

On the first day it was legal to apply for a concealed carry permit, the Dept. of Justice issued 120 of them. Number one went to the attorney general himself, J.B. Van Hollen, who works in an office protected by security, but may feel the need to shoot someone on the street one of these days.

Meanwhile, the Assembly passed a License to Kill bill (the gun nuts call it a Castle Doctrine bill, as in "My home is my castle and if you try to come in I;ll pour boiling oil on you or shoot you, whichever seems easier.")

The vote to allow people to shoot unarmed people who trespass on their property was a lopsided 71-24, with two people "paired" for and against it.

All of the "no" votes were from Democrats, and most of them from Democrats who live in urban areas. Here's

The only question seems to be whether the State Senate will pass it today or wait until January.

Yahoo! I feel safer already.

[Afterthought:  Despite the headline, you don't need a permit now to shoot someone in self-defense in your home.  The only thing is you need to justify it by saying you felt in danger of great bodily harm.  The new law is called Shoot First by critics, because it eliminates any conditions.)


November 2, 2011 - 9:10am