WTDY: Walker Lied to Congress, Created Act 10 Immediately After 2010 Election

WTDY's intrepid reporter, Dylan Brogan, has just reported that officials at the the Legislative Reference Bureau say they began work on Act 10, at the request of Walker, in November of 2010-- days after the election.

This directly contradicts sworn testimony Walker gave to the U.S. House Oversight Committee, where he said that labor unions trying to have their contract approved in a lame-duck Decemb0er session was the motivation and starting point for the creation of Act 10. (see testimony below)

This revelation is on top of the so-called "Widow Hendricks" video surfaced that shows a pre-Act 10 Walker talking about using a "divide and conquer" strategy to weaken Wisconsin's unions to acheive a goal of making Wisconsin a "completely red state."

Prior to 2010 election, Walker promised on several occasions to negotiate with unions and never gave any indication that he would kill public employees ability to negotiate.  This so-called "bait and switch" is the primary motivation behind the recall effort.



May 23, 2012 - 1:29pm