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Would Milwaukee be 'greater" without affirmative action? Michael Grebe thinks so

Can't find any trace of this in the local paper, although there is a very big local connection. The NY Times

WASHINGTON — Ward Connerly, the black businessman who has been the face of the movement to end affirmative action for nearly two decades, is facing accusations from a prominent former ally that he has mismanaged — and exploited for his own benefit — donations to that cause made by fellow conservatives.

Moreover, a group Mr. Connerly founded to advance government policies that are race and gender neutral, the Sacramento-based American Civil Rights Institute, is under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service and by the attorney general of California, according to documents and interviews.

What's the Milwaukee connection? A pretty big name here: Michael Grebe, President of the Bradley Foundation, Scott Walker transition chair, big time Republican, and recent ex-chair of the Greater Milwaukee Committee, former president of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents,

A major financial supporter is the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. Its president, Michael W. Grebe (pictured), said he was “very comfortable” that its donations to Mr. Connerly’s group were “being spent for public education programs.”

“He’s very effective,” Mr. Grebe said.

The guy who headed the Greater Milwaukee Committee and the UW Board of Regents is giving big bucks to someone trying to end affirmative action? Things aren't so great in Milwaukee for black people; among African American men the is near 50 per cent.

Grebe is lucky the mobs haven't stormed the gates of the Lion House, the Bradley Foundation headquarters, or that he can venture out in public.

His friend Connerly is no stranger to Wisconsin or Milwaukee, either. He was booed off the stage during an appearance at UW-Madison in October 1998. He returned to the state to speak at UW-Milwaukee in 2000 and in 2009, and visited Wisconsin in 2006 to address a committee that was tasked with exploring abolishing affirmative action in the UW System.


February 4, 2012 - 6:45pm