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Work 2 days, get 12 weeks vacation?

It didn't seem possible that someone-- even a returning longterm employee -- could work for Milwaukee County for a month and be entitled to $25,000 for unused sick leave. But then came this explanation:

On his first full day as acting county executive, [Lee] Holloway hired [Renee] Booker, which was also the last county work day of 2010. The following day, Dec. 30, was an unpaid furlough day for most county employees and Dec. 31 was a paid holiday.


By virtue of having worked just one day last year, Booker became eligible for six weeks of paid vacation in 2011 under county rules. The fact that he only worked a bit more than four weeks in 2011 did not disqualify him for the full six-weeks' vacation pay, said Candace Richards, the county's acting personnel director.

If I'm reading that right (and maybe I'm not), it sounds like he could have qualified for 12 weeks of vacation by simply working one day in December and one in January.

Whether this is a contract item or county personnel policy, it should be near the top of County Exec Chris Abele's list of reforms. Even higher up than cell phones.

This is the kind of stuff that feeds the right-wing campaign against public servants.


May 12, 2011 - 1:19pm