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WMC: Unintentionally revealing conservative comment of the month

Jason Culotta, policy director for the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) business lobby, as quoted in Madison's Isthmus newsweekly regarding a Republican bill in the state legislature to further limit corporate liability in civil lawsuits:

"One of the concerns we have is that a future governor may have an interest in punitively going after some businesses in what we would not think is a just case."

Re-coded into plain English for those who don't speak Republican:

Republican governors are not punitive, if only insofar as businesses are concerned. On the other hand, Democratic governors -- even imaginary ones -- can't be trusted, because they might actually seek to represent the wider public interest. Governors should defer, instead, to what WMC thinks is just. But in case we didn't buy every governor and judge fair and square with our huge campaign donations, the law itself should be changed to force lawmakers and the entire judiciary to defer to WMC's preferences.

Oh, and also: Democratic governors can be expected to usurp the constitutionally defined powers of the state Justice Department. Yeah, sure, it's true that Republican Tommy Thompson and other GOP governors have done that, but it was to do good stuff and only because the elected state attorney general was, at the time, a Democrat.


May 14, 2013 - 8:50am