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Wisconsin - hope, inspiration, and direction

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett has aptly defined his challenge to Governor Scott Walker: "I'm focusing on Scott Walker. I'm not focusing on any other candidate in this race ... I think it would be a grave mistake for Democrats in this historically unique situation to spend one ounce of energy attacking each other. I'm focusing on Governor Scott Walker's ideological civil war."

Barrett accurately criticized Walker for being "far more dedicated in creating this ideological civil war than working to create jobs." And, Barrett said: "I will end this civil war and focus on the creation of jobs." Straightforward. What a contrast to Governor Walker.

Given that all Democratic challengers to Governor Walker support a restoration of collective bargaining rights for public employees, an end to draconian budget cuts especially in education, no more dividing Wisconsinites by attacking the rights of women and minorities or governing by demagoguery, Barrett stands out. He has unique character and a remarkable personality.

Barrett is always cool as a cucumber. Recently a deranged individual tried to disrupt a Barrett press conference. And, Barrett handled it with his usual grace, political acumen and humor. He responded to this harangue by calling the man an "undecided" voter.

Wisconsin needs a Barrett to lower the temperature and bring the state together, back to the Wisconsin Idea.

And, regular folks in Wisconsin, by the tens of thousands, have given the entire nation hope, inspiration and direction by speaking out with civility, eloquence, heart and passion against Walker's misrule.

All of this is bigger than Wisconsin.

What's at risk is a social contract that has had strong bipartisan support since the New Deal. Everywhere I go - Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island and Virginia - all eyes are on Wisconsin.

Many of us feel emotions that have long been repressed. We have hope and can dream because of courageous regular folks in Wisconsin. You have given the nation hope, inspiration and direction. One more step. Go Tom Barrett!


April 24, 2012 - 6:21pm