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Wisconsin declares open season on Santa

Just in time for the season when someone is most likely to invade your home, Wisconsin has given you the legal authority to protect yourself.

If you hear someone coming down your chimney one of these nights, don't hesitate.  Fire away.

I say "you" and not "us" because I don't own a gun.

But if you do, you'll no doubt be pleased to learn that the Castle Doctrine has been passed, signed into law, and will take effect as soon as it is legally published.

It says that if someone intrudes into your home, business or vehicle, you are free to shoot them, even if they are unarmed and have done nothing to threaten you. 

In the past, you couldn't shoot someone unless you  reasonably believed you needed to use deadly force to prevent the person from harming you. 

But gun extremists said that wasn't fair, because  people in their homes or businesses don't necessarily have the time to check whether an intruder is trying to hurt them.  Really. 

No matter that the Criminal Law Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin, made up of 600 prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys, said the law "changes Wisconsin law by providing a defense for irrational people armed with deadly force. Under its provisions, malevolent, reckless, or paranoid people who shoot trick-or-treaters or repairmen on their porch will be presumed to be acting in self-defense."

The group says it cannot find a single case  where a homeowner was charged with a crime for defending himself or herself against an intruder.

But no matter.  Wisconsin's gun extremists can get anything they want these days -- even a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

Ho, ho, ho!   Merrrrry Christmas!




December 8, 2011 - 11:20am