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Wis. 14 deal with daily rumor mill

The 14 Wisconsin state senators living in exile in Illinois, besides all of the other demands on them, have to quash false rumors about their return on almost a daily basis.

Now it's the taking an out of context statement to suggest the 14 are coming home.

Ask yourself: If the Democrats had indeed decided to come back, would the media outlet they chose to give that exclusive news to be the Wall Street Journal? (The first two words of its name give you a clue.)

Anyway, both and have debunked the latest claim.

Maybe the 14 should get together and have the same daily report: We're still in Illinois, and still waiting for Scott Walker and the Senate Republicans to do the right thing on collective bargaining so we can come home.

That could simplify things.


March 7, 2011 - 9:08am