Milwaukee Council President Willie Hines says he was misunderstood in a recent WisPolitics interview which led people to conclude he was not running for mayor in 2008.

 We even had a little fun with him on this blog because he was choosing his words so carefully. Now, his spokesman tells WisPolitics Hines didn't say he wasn't running. Here's what he told WisPolitics last week. See what it sounds like to you:

Well, first I'm very honored that my name surfaced as it relates to mayor or other office. I think what it suggests is there has been an appreciation for services that I've given the City of Milwaukee. And that's why ... it's a great feeling to know that me as a public servant is appreciated to the degree whereby individuals believe that my service has warranted the desire to serve in a greater capacity. And I'm very honored, very thankful, very appreciative of it. It would be a joy, probably, to serve in a greater capacity. I would welcome that opportunity.

However, currently, my primary focus at this time really is to do all I can to improve and increase the quality of life for my constituents in the 15th District and to do everything within my power to work with my council to serve them and the broader City of Milwaukee as the president, and both of those are a handful right now, though I'm enjoying it. I'm also chairman of the Public Housing Authority, which is something that I enjoy as well.

But definitely serving the city in a greater capacity is something that ... I'm sure at some time I will have to give some real serious consideration to that. Because if I can be of greater impact at a greater level to improve quality of life for Milwaukee citizens and Milwaukee residents, to create a safe community, to expand and build on the potential of what we possess as a city to make it an even greater place, yes, I would welcome that opportunity and it would be an honor to do that. But right now, as indicated, my primary focus has been the task at hand.

If you feel you need more punishment, you can listen to it here.

The Shermanesque reference.

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