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Will Ron Johnson channel Michele Bachmann?

Senator-elect Ron Johnson has a new communications director, Mary Vougt, who comes from the House Republican Conference, where she landed after a gig with firebrand,take-no-prisoners, loony tunes extremist Rep. R-Minn.  The announcement when Vougt moved to the conference job in 2009:

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) announced today that her Communications Director, Mary Vought, and Press Secretary, Stephen Miller, will join Republican leadership offices to help other members replicate her effective communications strategies...


 In her first term in Congress, Bachmann earned unprecedented media coverage...

“Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is a rising star in our party who has groomed an excellent staff,” said Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN), Chairman of the House Republican Conference. “Mary Vought brings a wealth of communications experience to our team at Conference, where she will continue to serve Congresswoman Bachmann as well as the entire House GOP Conference in her new role as press secretary. In addition, we look forward to continuing to work with Congresswoman Bachmann as we communicate our conservative ideals of limited government, a strong national defense and traditional moral values to the American people.”


Well, yes, Bachmann has gotten a lot of media attention, mostly because she's willing to say such outrageous things. There's even a website Michele Bachmann said WHAT? although it seems inactive now.

In this cable TV age, the loonies get a lot of attention.

I had predicted that once RoJo went to Washington we might never hear of him again. But if he's willing to do and say the kinds of things Bachmann is, Vought should have no trouble making Johnson famous, too. Of course, he'd have to start actually talking to the media, which would be a major change in direction and policy for him. He's been hidden away and invisible both before and after the Nov. 2 election. This could turn out to be a relaxing job for Vought.


December 16, 2010 - 11:15am