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Will RoJo pick up his plastic marbles and go home?

Wisconsin's new US Sen. Ron Johnson is profiled in the Journal Sentinel, now that someone remembered he is in office.   Perhaps the key quote:

His mentor in the Senate, fiscal hawk Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, says the institution can be an exasperating place for someone like Johnson.

"Look, he's highly frustrated," Coburn says of his colleague. "The Senate isn't a fulfilling place if you want to try to get things done to fix the country. (But) you have two options. You try to change things or you go home."

Or you try to change things, fail, and then go home. Johnson, who went to DC without a clue what he was getting into, has always seemed a good candidate to be a one-termer who quits after six years of frustration.  It's telling that what he has learned so far is that he can impede action, not get anything done.

Trouble is, that's still five and a half years from now. Any way we could get him to quit sooner?



July 3, 2011 - 12:45pm