Fred Mohs, a prominent Madison Republican lawyer, landlord, and former member of the University of Wisconsin board of regents, lost his cool at a legislative committee meeting on the hot topic of affirmative action.

The committee, appointed by Republicans when they controlled both houses of the legislature last year, is chaired by State Sen. Glenn Grothman, a West Bend Republican who wants to end affirmative action at UW, and stacked with people who oppose affirmative action.

The Journal Sentinel reports on Tuesday's contentious meeting:

"What you've done is a disgrace to this committee," [State Sen. Lena] Taylor yelled at Grothman, founder and chairman of the Special Committee on Affirmative Action.

"Can't you just shut up?" Fred Mohs, a Madison attorney and Grothman supporter, snapped back at Taylor.

Is this the same Fred Mohs who was honored by his colleagues when he left the board of regents:

Regent Guy Gottschalk presented a resolution in Mohs' honor on behalf of the board, noting Regent Mohs' high integrity, character, and appreciation of a good debate. "With Fred, it's always the issue, never the personality," Gottschalk said.

It sounds like Fred's evil twin showed up Tuesday night.

Taylor is a passionate advocate for her central city constituency, and those on the other side of an issue could find her abrasive or disruptive.

But telling an African American state senator to shut up on affirmative action may not be the most effective tactic.

What happened to the Fred Mohs who appreciates a good debate?

Michael Mathias of Pundit Nation has more.

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