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Why I think Charles Dickens named WEDC

One of the most fascinating things about the work of Charles Dickens is the unique and colorfully appropriate names for the characters in his work: Names like Mr. Sloppy, Wopsle, Sweedlepipe, Bumble and Scrooge, were purely the product of Dickens' unique imagination, and the names described the characters.

For example;

Scrooge: a mean, selfish person who put money ahead of people. 

Toodle: the word sounds friendly and kind, and the character is exactly that.

Pumblechook: a puffed up, important-sounding word for a man full of self-importance.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a man of little morals, portrays himself as a person who goes big and bold while at the same time sneaking in and out of the Capitol through a secret tunnel.  Walker, a man who markets himself as unintimidated, but only makes public appearances in unannounced venues in local businesses of donors.  Walker, a man who tells outrageously large lies to overcome his private inadequacies.  This man who has so little to back up his bravado has inadvertently been influenced by Dickens. But, in his arrogance, he has no idea of how much it reveals.

Consider the naming of the private/public agency that Walker chose to replace the previously successful Department of Commerce.  This was Walker’s signature legislation and was, of course, considered by him to be big and bold.  Clearly, Dickens could not have done better than naming the new agency WEDC (pronounced “wee dick”).  Need I say more?


June 29, 2015 - 6:16pm