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'Why are there homeless veterans?'

A letter to the editor in Monday's Journal Sentinel:

Why are there homeless veterans?

In a local grocery store, there is a man who once a week sets up a card table with a sign over it that says "donation fund for homeless veterans." There is some free literature for any and all who are interested and a jar for those who wish to contribute money.


I'm wondering: Why is that man there? What kind of national failure at high levels of government has occurred that has allowed veterans to become homeless?


I stuff a $10 bill in the jar whenever I see him. I consider this to be my "war tax," the tax that one or two senators suggested the American people be asked to pay to finance the wars. Few politicians had the foresight to see that the price of these wars will need to be paid for generations after the soldiers return home.


Consequently, I, like most citizens, have been asked to contribute little or nothing to the cost of the wars currently being waged.


If a returning soldier is healthy enough physically and mentally to re-enter society as a productive, functioning member, then God bless him or her. But if returning soldiers are not able to function in society because of wounds suffered, then these soldiers should be provided housing, meals, daily stipend and all the professional counseling and support they wish to avail themselves of.


This is the true "cost of war" that we the people need to factor in before we give our assent to elected officials to commence war.


Craig Gilbart Milwaukee

Members of Milwaukee Veterans for Peace have been at Outpost Natural Food Stores every Wednesday this month to collect money and tell people about our Homeless Veterans Initiative. We will be there again on Wednesday. If you're not an Outpost shopper, you can learn more about the program and donate here.


May 23, 2011 - 9:10am