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Which One Claims He's The New Democrat?

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I was thinking of starting an informal survey. Hey - who knows maybe some paper or university polling apparatus will stumble upon this post and do one. I'd like to ask registered Democrats who professes to be of an elite coalition  in Congress that calls themselves "The New Democrats". My bets in the high 80% of respondents people would say Bernie Sanders. Well they are wrong. As a matter of fact they couldn't be wronger.

Ron Kind is the self proclaimed New Democrat and here's what he has to say . "The New Democrat Coalition believes in ideas over ideology. We are a solutions-oriented coalition that seeks to bridge the gap between left and right by challenging old and outmoded partisan approaches to governing." He claims to be a part of a group that started back in 1997 but don't believe that. This is a new faction within the Democratic Party that consistently votes with the GOP on both fiscal and social issues. 

  • along with the Republicans? Several of the New Dems or as I like to refer to them as the New Blue Dog Dems. Ron Kind was one of them.
  • Who voted with the GOP at the height of the Syrian Refugee crisis to stop refugee processing from continuing? Ron Kind and other New Democrats.
  • Who voted to fast track TPP legislation without a single word of it being published to anyone other than the corporate mongrels that put it together? Ron Kind and his other New Democrat friends. Ron Kind criticized Russ Feingold for being against TPP prior to reading all 1600 pages. At the same time Ron could tell me everything that wasn't in the agreement despite admitting he still hadn't read it months after it was finally released. 
  • Who consistently says that he will often vote with the GOP on fiscal issues including increasing an already bloated defense budget so that we can send more of our troops to fight our undeclared wars? Ron Kind. 

It's time for the New Democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ron Kind to move into the party they seem to aspire to become. Get out of the way. That is why I am supporting and that is why I am asking for you to support him as well. 

Oh and as far as that "New Democrat" - the one that opposes TPP, wants to help the Syrian refugees, is a true progressive - you know the one - Bernie Sanders; please vote for Bernie for the April 5 primary in Wisconsin and


March 30, 2016 - 9:25pm