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Where is Whistling Straits again?

The Sunday NY Times writes of different datelines used to file stories from Whistling Straits, where the PGA golf championship is being played this weeekend, and says:

It depends whom you ask. On all its materials, from its Web site to the I.D. cards it issues to staff members and reporters, the P.G.A. declares that Whistling Straits is in Kohler. Kohler County, which owns the place, says so, too.

There is no Kohler County, of course. It is in Sheboygan County. It is corrected in the It is Kohler Company that owns the course, which looks georgeous on national TV.

There's more:

... [R]ight by the entrance to the Whistling Straits course is an unincorporated community called Haven (home to Haven Bar and Grill, the only watering hole within miles of here).

If rings a bell, it may be because that was the name of the location of a proposed nuclear power plant in the 1970s, which was never built -- one of several sites proposed and abandoned in the face of anti-nuclear opposition and economic problems with nukes.

Whistling Straits is a much better outcome.


August 15, 2010 - 1:44pm